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Termites: Identification and Management


Termites: Identification and Management

Termites to be eaten by Indians of the Amazon Rainforest

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Termite Identification:

Termites have six well defined legs, straight antennae and thick waists.

Subterranean versus Drywood Species:

Subterranean species feed on wood, eating between the grain and filling the void with dirt. They require moisture and their nest must contact the soil. Conversely, drywood termite species live above the ground, cut across the grain of wood and do not fill the void with dirt.

Least-toxic Treatment of Termite Infestations:

Beneficial nematodes developed for termites may be injected into the structure's wood or soapy water/nematodes can be used as a drench if the colony is located. Liquid nitrogen can be injected to freeze drywood termites or orange oil shows promise in controlling termites as do electrical stun guns.

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