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Get Rid of Fleas with These Non-toxic Methods

Pest Management of Fleas


Get Rid of Fleas with These Non-toxic Methods

Common Flea

Fleas, although only about 1/10 inch long, can bedevil rodents, skunks, cats, dogs and humans in a big way, biting their hosts to gorge on blood meals.

Carriers of the dreaded Bubonic Plague, fleas can transmit Endemic Typhus to humans after biting infected rodents. More typically though, their saliva causes dermatitis on Fido and Fluffy's skins while their feces harbor tapeworms which parasitically attach to pet's internal organs.


Pest control of fleas in the yard, home and on pets starts with frequent vacuuming of the home, especially areas that pets frequent, clearing the yard of litter and debris and by establishing a regular bathing and grooming schedule for pets. Note: flea eggs can lie dormant for several years so a flea-free home can be contaminated by introducing used upholstery, carpets and rugs.

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