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Trapper T-Rex Rat Traps

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Trapper T-Rex Rat Traps

Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap

The Bottom Line

Trapper T-Rex ensures capture by using a highly sensitive trigger mechanism to unleash a jawful of patented interlocking teeth. The baited trap is set by a foot pedal with the trap on the ground, keeping fingers free and safe. A tamper-resistant bait station is offered as an option.


  • Hard plastic jaws are wired to a strong spring, promoting quick death.
  • Bait cup is loaded from underneath, removing fingers from harm.
  • Trap is armed by foot pedal so it can be baited, placed and the jaws set.
  • Multiple use durability although spring is subject to rust, so traps should be stored indoors.
  • Tamper-proof Bait Station is offered (at an extra charge).


  • Not available in stores so Internet or telephone orders are required.
  • Like all baited traps, victims can be non-intended targets, such as lizards, pets and songbirds.
  • Tamper-Proof Bait Station should be included as part of a T-Rex System.


  • Trapper T-Rex ST-2000 Rat Trap
  • Sample Price: $4.95 each,or a case of 12 for $51.95. Quoted Prices do not include Shipping and Handling.
  • Do-it-yourself rat control
  • Interlocking teeth make escape virtually impossible

Guide Review - Trapper T-Rex Rat Traps

When a neighbor began rennovating his aging bungalow, I began to notice chewed window screens, and holes in the cat food bag. Wanting to use non-chemical means of rat elimination, I found the Trapper T-Rex listed on several Internet sites. I was suitably impressed with company claims of increased rat lethality from a trap designed for safety and ease of use, so I ordered a case of twelve for about $50.00, not including taxes or shipping.

Over a several week period, I trapped several rats in the T-Rex in various locations around the house. However, one weekend when my wife took the baby and cat out-of-town, I got lazy and did not disarm the devices during the daytime. As they were baited with rancid walnuts, the traps did attract and kill multiple small songbirds.

So although I feel that these traps are well designed for adult human safety and rat lethality and function as intended, they are not safe for households with small children or pets. As per my experience, a T-Rex should not be left baited and set during daylight hours as they attract birds and insects, especially ants and lizards.

The company does offer a “Tamper Proof Bait Station,” which houses the T-Rex, to protect children and pets, however this author has no direct knowledge of this product’s reliability, ease or practicality of use. Therefore, I can only recommend the T-Rex for adult households with no pets, children or backyard aviaries, unless the optional Bait Station is also purchased.

Write for info on purchasing the Trapper T-Rex trap.

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