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Encourage Lizards to Live in Your Garden


Encourage Lizards to Live in Your Garden

A Rainbow-colored Lizard Suns on a Rock

Photo by John Foxx, Stockbyte, Courtesy of Getty Images

Lizards Need Places to Hide so Help Them Out:

Pile stones or old flowerpots with plenty of cracks and crevices randomly through the garden to give lizards a place of refuge from predators like cats, rodents and birds and an area to rest from hunting and feeding. Also, thick ground covers and vines yield cover for lizards to avoid their predators.

Plant Fruit-bearing Shrubs and Vines to Attract Lizard Fare:

Lizards eat small flies and beetles so planting vegetation that produces nectar or berries throughout the year will attract their favorite prey, which in turn, will draw lizards to the garden.

Fast Facts About Geckoes:

Although one in particular has become a media darling, Geckoes are found in a wide variety of locales from sea level to about 6,000 feet (2,000 meters) and in rock outcroppings, forests, scrub trees and ungrazed grasslands. Scientists have studied Geckoes to try to duplicate the microscopic hairs on their toes that allow them to climb sheer surfaces and defy gravity by walking across ceilings. Geckoes are the only lizards able to vocalize, making a chirping sound that is apparently a form of communication.

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