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The Huntsman Spider - Deadly but not Poisonous

By August 29, 2012

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Huntsman SpiderThe Huntsman spider, native to Australia but showing up more and more often in the U.S., is a shy, non-aggressive spider with a non-toxic bite to humans, but it is credited with numerous deaths.


Not only is it huge, with a one-inch-long body and legs extending three to five inches, but where this spider does occur, it frequently takes up residence in cars, hiding behind sun visors or dashboards, then popping out unexpectedly.

If a person is driving when the spider makes its presence known, it can be the primary cause of an accident. In fact, in Australia, it is considered one of the 10 most dangerous spiders because of this.

Although still infrequently found in the U.S., outside  subtropic areas of southern states, it can pop up almost anywhere, coming in with bananas and other imported items. Although much larger than the average American spider, general spider control methods can be followed for its prevention and elimination.

Huntsman spider by Fir0002/Wikipedia


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