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Lisa Jo Lupo

Bats: The Good and the Bad

By April 25, 2012

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batsAlthough few people want bats living with them in their attics or rafters, they can be beneficial for insect control.

In  fact, a recent article on Hobby Farms.com is titled "4 Ways to Attract Bats to your Farm for Pest Control."  The bats eat crops pests, such as the corn earworm moth, and save farmers as much as $3.7 billion each year in pesticides. As a spokesperson for Bat Conservation International also said, this reduces pesticides on produce and in the water table.

The article lists some of the exact opposite methods of exclusion from your home as attracting the creatures to the farms.


June 18, 2013 at 3:16 am
(1) BrianmSweig says:

Bat issue and are tired of living with it year after year. Bats are both good and bad for us. As Bats prevent our Farm for Pest Control. and on other side bats eat crops pests, such as the corn earworm . Good post . keep sharing more information.

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